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t i  e   d

MFA Graduate Exhibition

Burren College of Art Gallery

16th - 29th April 2022

Within all cycles, there is inevitably a slip into momentary chaos. The second wave of the pandemic closures had greeted us upon our arrival to the rural west of Ireland in 2020. The extreme physical and visual dualities existing in the Burren landscape were simultaneously seductive and isolating.

We struggled to connect amongst a barrage of yellow signages, which ostracized both the mind and the body. In summary, Danger: fear all forms of human contact. The notion of community had become taboo, a topic that was deemed criminal even in its vaguity. In an attempt to maintain our sanity, we humorously branded ourselves the COVID-Class, a name also befitting our small number, in accordance with the required two meter distancing.

Tiffani Love’s palette captures the liminality of a slowly vanishing coastal spit just west of the village of Ballyvaughan known as The Rine. Her solitary, pensive engagement with place seeps out onto the canvas as she illuminates subtleties within the landscape: alienated tidal pools rising and falling between grassy beds, shadowed breaks grooved dark and deep within the limestone, and sandy borderlines that smoothly separate shore from sea.

In a time of uncertainties and divides, through the parallel practices of collecting, routine, labor, technique, and remembering, artists Elizabeth Bleynat, Tiffani Love, and Francine Marquis have tied themselves to this place.

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