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Ardgillan Gallery, Balbriggan

17th June - 9th July 2023

Three-person exhibition with Tiffani Love, Elizabeth Comerford and Dave West at Ardgillan Gallery, Ardgillan Castle, Balbriggan
17th June - 9th July 2023

"Remnants-Rhythms-Rituals examines the deep synergy that exists in the environments we occupy, the artifacts we create and the ripples that spread from our movements. This work creates a dialogue between the spaces that we inhabit, both natural and designed, and the reflective meaning that flows from our interactions with them. Remnants-Rhythms-Rituals is a study of touch, of memory and of experience. It asks questions about the landscapes that surround us and the effect these places have on us as humans. These works ask us to consider the relationship we create with our environment, how we respond to the trinkets of varying size that we surround ourselves with.  

Remnants-Rhythms-Rituals uses a multidisciplinary platform to create an intersectional dialogue around the transfer of energy, vibrant and historical, that occurs when we dwell in a space. These works suggest an interconnectedness between environment, object, and individual. They ask that we consider the life force of everything and the transactional relationships that take place between them.

West, Love and Comerford’s work creates balance and texture. It explores line, shape and tone to transition from a position of confusion to something altogether less definable, shifting and pivoting to eventually rest in a place of connection and comfort. Human experience and the traditions, values, and responses it prompts, is somehow both universal and resolutely personal. We exist in a sort of singularity, where the historical and the modern are in a constant state of flux, and where buildings and trees speak with the remains of everything that has come before it. Our nature, physical and personal, is one of uncertainty. Remnants-Rhythms-Rituals is an analysis of this."

- Exhibition text written by Aisling Dunne, Curator Ardgillan Gallery

More about the exhibition here: 

I would like to thank the Arts Council of Ireland and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for their generous support of my artistic practice and this exhibition. 

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