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Déan Curam / take care

MFA Interim Exhibition

Burren College of Art Gallery

11th December 2021 – 21st January 2022

Déan Cúram / take care was an interim exhibition at the Burren College of art Gallery by Francine Marquis, Tiffani Love, and Elizabeth Bleynat.

Tiffani Love's work in Déan Cúram / take care focuses on a relatively small coastal region, known as the Rine, in the Burren, Co. Clare. The Rine (An Rinn) is a small coastal spit on the south-side of Galway Bay, just west of Ballyvaughan Village. Regarding her subject in this series of paintings, Love says:

‘I am interested in the Rine as a liminal space, with its intertwining of the land and sea. There is an area along the Rine where I go to watch the incoming tide. Water fills into the cracks between slabs of limestone pavement. I watch the water as it flows through these natural canals, eventually seeping into the earth and filling into pools dotted throughout the landscape. Even after the tide retreats, these pools are left behind, often for hours before the water drains down through the layers of earth and limestone. The tide not only weaves together land and sea, but it pulls me into the place as well.’

Love reflects on this experience upon returning to the studio. Through the use of oil paint on canvas, with carefully chosen color and physical brushwork, she expresses this connection to place.

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